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From the unoffical cardiacs facebook group:

Right, you lot got me into Stump, so I reckon you can all suck this up your lugs and be damned happy about it!

P-model fans and anyone with an ear (so all here in the pond) should also dig this.
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It's official. I will be returning to wonderful England in August for The Alphabet Business Convention. Loyalty demands. I'm going to try and figure out a way to stay in England as long as possible and as CHEAPLY as possible. I will, of course, return to London at some point while there. Those of you attending the Convention: I cannot wait to see your shining faces. Those who cannot make it, but who are there in England, I shall do my best to see you too. For the Pond is my true home, all you loony, lovely Pondies my true family. 😊. Kiss kiss. I will be seeing you soon enough. ... See MoreSee Less

Spring-boarding off that discussion a few days ago about the (silly) notion that there is no interesting music anymore, what are some of you guys' favorite recent or upcoming releases? ... See MoreSee Less

Hey Pondies
I accidently got two Sing to God double LPs. So i have one to sell. Its brand new unopened so will sell for 30 + pnp. I was quite looking forward too buying another record player and playing two vinyls in Super Stereo but i suppose its better if one of you lot have it. Private message me if interested. I'm in the Hoddesdon Hertfordshire area. Thanks
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From the cardiacs museum facebook page: