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Shhhhh... Are the admins watching?
Is anybody real? I'm sure it's been done before but...

What's your LEAST favourite Cardiacs song? And WHY?
It's good to have opinions :)

All His Geese Are Swans

No explanation required.

I'll get my coat.
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Fantasy band lineup would consist solely of Random Jon Poole and Keith Moon the Loon (a la White Stripes instrumentation.) I would imagine the songs in between the onstage antics might be quite good also. ... See MoreSee Less

The B-sides on the 'day is gone' EP are incredible. Thanks Tim Smith ... See MoreSee Less

I just discovered this track in Spotify Discover which I found oddly familiar(!) and very pleasing ... and soon realised why.

So I Googled and found a Quietus review of STG that called Wireless 'Smith's re-imagining of the Faust track'.

Is this kind of thing allowed in that there music world? Anyway, glad to discover this.

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Me, i've found a dusty box containing music by Cardiacs who are not Tim.
So this evening I'm going to be enjoying Dark Star, Nervous, Knifeworld and Levitation.
Any other pondies enjoy these strands?
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Patton representing in the mid 90s

Yes! It’s the Cardiacs colouring book. Proudly submitted by Alistair Peck. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hallo... I'm new around here ❤ a few of you might know of me as the Tiny Guitar Lady.

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