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From the unoffical cardiacs facebook group:

So, while the others are reminiscing, who else here never saw Cardiacs? ... See MoreSee Less

Any Carter USM or Ned's Atomic Dustbin fans? ... See MoreSee Less

Went for a drive. Found myself at the bumming shed. Went back to London. ... See MoreSee Less

Thought you lot might like this: Major Parkinson, doing an acoustic version of Baseball in a local music store! ... See MoreSee Less

Winter boys and girls come out to play... ... See MoreSee Less

From the cardiacs museum facebook page:

New Tim Smith and Cardiacs sheet music in the Museum -
Please like and share - with those who like a challenge -
got any more? Sent them over to the museum
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Cardiacs Museum shared a post. ... See MoreSee Less

For the first time ever in the history of the world, The Alphabet Business Convention is very proud to introduce... THE CONSULTANT'S PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION...

New in the Cardiacs Museum - A coloured pencil sketch that Frenzied Silence did of Tim Smith, for a tribute EP that was done by The Barnslou Trio. This original drawing is 8×8″ (20cm) on copy paper. All proceeds (save for postage) will go directly to Tim. Original photo (taken at Reading 1986) used with kind permission from Jeff Green. - subscribe for email updates.😑 ... See MoreSee Less