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    • Tim passed away suddenly last night - from Jim Smith
      Regards for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info.
      Posted by: Bradley on Aug 17, 2:36 AM

    • A Little Man, A House And The Whole World Window LP
      We sure do. Feel free to add lyrics here https://cardiacs.org/museum/exhibits/lyrics/ or create your own Cardiacs lyrics site and we will link to it from the Museum.
      Posted by: The Curator on Aug 10, 8:32 AM

    • A Little Man, A House And The Whole World Window LP
      We need the Lyrics Organ! The website http://www.dept74.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/lyrics_organ/frame-master.html is down, and the Wayback Machine hasn't archived any of the lyrics (only the side frames)
      Posted by: Fabrizio on Aug 09, 7:04 PM

    • Cardiacs Seaside Treats Book
      Not sure about the origins but I bought my copy at the same time I bought the Seaside Cassette - March 16th 1984 at the Southampton Guildhall show, supporting Here & Now. 20p springs to mind along with £3 for the cassette, but my memory plays tricks these days.
      Posted by: Phil on Jul 23, 12:56 PM

    • Unofficial Cardiacs Disco T-shirt
      This t-shirt was created by Foozling & Luckman for the second of our show/discos which we called “For the Benefit of Mr. Smith Too” at The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, in 2013 that me (Luckman) and Neil (‘Foozling’) put together. Lovely!
      Posted by: Dominic Luckman on Feb 11, 2:23 PM

    • Ditzy Scene Lyrics
      Can anyone direct me to the lyrics for "Made All Up?" It's the only song I can't find lyrics for.
      Posted by: Kevin Anderson on Jan 01, 6:13 PM

    • Stephen Payne's Dr Tim Video
      Thank you so much for sharing this great emotional moment, Tim deserves so much this recognition, I really hope he enjoyed it
      Posted by: J-F Devanneaux on Dec 01, 12:21 PM

    • Ditzy Scene Lyrics
      Posted by: GREGORY SPOON on Sep 08, 3:47 PM

    • Johnny Debonair's Badges
      Was 2005 Johnny not 95.
      Posted by: Stoneage Dinosaurs on Jul 02, 4:38 PM

    • Cardiac Arrest Master Tape
      Where is this tape now? Has it been digitised?
      Posted by: Chris butcher on Mar 01, 3:39 PM

    • Cardiacs Seaside Treats Book
      Hi, please could you let me know how many 12" seaside treats were pressed?
      Posted by: karl on Aug 07, 3:24 PM

    • Alphabet Business Convention 2017
      Any need of sound systems and Dj's all for free if you need any x
      Posted by: Neil Tunstall on Apr 03, 11:28 AM

    • Cardiacs Colouring Book
      Brilliant top me up
      Posted by: Pete hampson on Mar 31, 5:56 PM

    • Adrian Beckwith's Cardiacs Pie
      Worthy of LAUDATION - Oh. It's all gone. Oh.
      Posted by: Bert on Jan 10, 9:56 PM

    • Bert's God Cardiacs Poster
      I resent the accusation that I am dyslexic, you rotten hits.
      Posted by: Bert on Jan 10, 9:43 PM

    • Sean's Cardiacs Tuning Signal
      I made this Test Card for Tim's birthday.
      Posted by: Sean Cooke on Nov 08, 6:51 PM

    • The Seaside CD
      (Posted by: Jock) hear hear. and god bless all who sail in her,
      Posted by: Jock on Aug 16, 2:13 PM

    • The Seaside CD
      This be a lovely record! Full of hopes and joys! I understand the band (Mr Smith) made it with basically no cash, and despite all the odds the end result even today is damn impressive! When is was younger my faves off this one were RES and To Go off And Things...now i think they're...
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 2:12 PM

    • A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window CD
      Considered by many to be (along with Sing To God) the greatest record ever, and Cardiacs best. It is a work of bloody genius! Best moments for me are In A City Lining (beautiful), I'm Eating In Bed (dark and wonderful), Dive, Icing On The World, Victory Egg (maybe greatest song ever) and Whole World...
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 2:10 PM

    • All that Glitters is a Mares Nest CD
      Probably the best live album ever. Certainly the most psychedelic. Dunno why Tim hates it...
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 2:09 PM

    • On Land and in the Sea CD
      Not the first I'd heard of the cardiacs, but the first Album I bought from a small shop in Newcastle while visiting my girlfriend at Uni (now my ex-wife.) Still have the vinyl and play it as often as i can. Get well soon Tim.
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 2:07 PM

    • On Land and in the Sea CD
      This is a perfect record. For me it ranks up there with Sgt. Pepper's, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Pink Moon, Loveless, California, Hot Rats, and You. It may even be the best (psychedelic) pop record ever made. Although Heaven Born is another close contender. There isn't a duff track on the record, but the religious moments...
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 2:07 PM

    • Songs for Ships and Irons CD
      A classic record full of clssic tunes! Big Ship, Stoneage Dinosaurs, All Spectacular rock! Cardiacs do no wrong!
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 2:06 PM

    • Greatest Hits CD
      A very well selected collection. Worth getting to hear the bonus track 'Faster Than Snakes'. A very clever and cool song!
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 2:05 PM

    • Signed Cardiacs Setlist 1991
      (Posted by: Val Langmuir - Ms. SF Leather) I was going to say much the same, 1989 at least :)
      Posted by: Val Langmuir on Aug 16, 1:56 PM

    • Signed Cardiacs Setlist 1991
      (Posted by: myndforest) More like from a concert after May 1989 (it used to say 86) as Bic (aka Christian Hayes) didn't play live with CARDIACS until aound May '89 - He features in CARDIACS Cinematographical Film 'All That Glitters' where he performs 'Bics Bit'. Before that he was in a band called RING that...
      Posted by: myndforest on Aug 16, 1:52 PM

    • A Little Man and 101 Cardiacs Gigs
      However, this is the paperback edition. The one here in the Museum is the limited hardcover editon, which has been sold out.
      Posted by: The Curator on Aug 16, 1:51 PM

    • A Little Man and 101 Cardiacs Gigs
      Go Here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220791222116&ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT#ht_1830wt_932
      Posted by: The Curator on Aug 16, 1:49 PM

    • A Little Man and 101 Cardiacs Gigs
      (Posted by: Owy) ...so where can I get this?
      Posted by: Owy on Aug 16, 1:48 PM

    • Bournemouth Poster 1987
      Cardiac and Culture Shock! odd mix, both great.
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 1:46 PM

    • Bournemouth Poster 1987
      (Posted by: Owy) I was living in Bournemouth in 1987, but sadly yet to get into Cardiacs. Gutted I missed this!
      Posted by: Owy on Aug 16, 1:46 PM

    • Sing to God CD
      Considered by many to be the ultimate...along with A Little Man And A House. An outstanding album. Life changing tunes like Eat Up Worms Hero, Dog-Like Sparky, Fiery Gun Hand...ah fuck it! All of it! Both parts are amazing. Beautiful, psychedelic pop music! songs like Fairy Mary Mag, Foundling, Dirty Boy, Wireless, change your life...
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 1:44 PM

    • Sing to God CD
      Is this really only the second comment on the best record ever made?! Well, On Land and Guns rock too. I'm getting more and more into Heaven Born though. There is something special about it.
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 1:44 PM

    • Sing to God CD
      (Posted by: The Retinal Circus) My god this band are the missing link between: Crass, Dead Kennedys, The Residents, Faust, Apatt, Zappa, Idiot Flesh, System Of A Down, Mr Bungle & Mike Patton spin offs in general.. With a really edge of Syd Barrett thrown in for good measure! Everything I hear by this band...
      Posted by: The Retinal Circus on Aug 16, 1:42 PM

    • Heaven Born and Ever Bright CD
      The pinnacle Cardiacs record. Dark, abrasive, distorted, heavy, heartfelt beautiful pop masterpiece. Maybe Tim's answer to britpop, shoegaze and metal...and tops all here, even MBV's Loveless. I believe this album was very misunderstood by the old hardcore fans. I think they felt alienated by heavier, more abrasive and distorted sound Tim was introducing...but he was...
      Posted by: admin on Aug 16, 1:41 PM

    • Heaven Born and Ever Bright CD
      Home of Fadeless Splendour, Helen and Heaven, March, For Good And All, Core, Day Is Gone and Snakes-A-Sleeping are as beautiful songs come. Really such a fantastic album. x
      Posted by: admin on Aug 16, 1:41 PM

    • Heaven Born and Ever Bright CD
      One day people will realise that this is one of the greatest albums of all time.
      Posted by: The Pond on Aug 16, 1:41 PM

    • Guns CD
      Such a great record! Could be their best... Spell With A Shell, Wind And Rains, Cry Wet Smile, Jitterbug, Sleep All Eyes, Come Back Clammy, Clean That Evil Mud, SIGNS... Yeah, another masterpiece...like when Heaven Born came out a lot of people didn't get this, but i think they do now cos is serves an...
      Posted by: The Pond on Oct 28, 1:39 PM

    • Guns CD
      Heaven Born and Guns are probably their most heartfelt albums.
      Posted by: The Pond on Oct 27, 1:37 PM

    • Tim Smith's Extra Special Ocean Land World CD
      I do love this record. It's such a nice and kind record. All the tracks are very pretty and easy. Tim is the master of psychedelic pop. I hope he releases the new solo record soon. Apparently the the new one has that Dream Dress tune on it.
      Posted by: The Pond on Oct 26, 1:33 PM

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