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    1. Sep 14, 2020Vermin Mangle – A Present for YOU from Tim Smith Cardiacs
      Sep 2, 2020Vermin Mangle CDs Cardiacs
      Aug 5, 2020Beams all Hero! Live Cardiacs Video sirhipbingo
      Jul 25, 2020Its a lovely day – Marina did it Marina Organ
      May 31, 2019Tim Smith’s Fizog Tattoo Lewis Tattoos
      May 31, 2019Cardiacs / Frank Sidebottom Flyer Steve Livesley
      May 30, 2019Cardiacs Astoria Theatre Gig Ticket Sally Forsdike
      May 30, 2019Cardiacs Clarendon Hotel Gig Ticket Sally Forsdike
      May 30, 2019Cardiacs Tonbridge Gig Ticket 1988 Sally Forsdike
      May 3, 2019In a City Lining Midi File Ching Chong
      Apr 30, 2019Duck, Worms & Dog Midi Files Wladislaw Leszczewski
      Apr 29, 2019Vote for (not) Jim Smith Gymyy
      Mar 29, 2019Cardiacs Birthday Cake Lina Cosentino
      Mar 27, 2019Cardiacs Astoria Gig Poster Alistair Peck
      Mar 27, 2019Cardiacs Windy Setlist Matt Smileyi Mighell
      Mar 24, 2019Dirty Boy Sheet Music by Stuart Stuart Hall
      Feb 28, 2019Who’s Him Jim in Dr Seuss Book Dave Howitt
      Feb 28, 20191981 Black & White Cardiacs Pic Ken Halsey‎
      Feb 28, 2019Cardiacs Signed Temporary Passport Paul Putner
      Feb 28, 2019Cardiacs Reading Uni Gig Ticket Mark Kennett
      Feb 1, 2019Handmade Cardiacs Sequin Bag Chris Short
      Feb 1, 2019Fetcham Riverside Club Gig Flyer Steve Murphy
      Feb 1, 2019Cardiacs Oxford Gig Flyer Mark Kennett
      Feb 1, 2019Cardiacs Old Schoolhouse Gig Flyer Mark Kennett
      Jan 31, 2019Cardiacs Beauty T-Shirt Neil Emery
      Jan 31, 2019Joe Pearce’s Cardiacs Tattoo Joe Pearce
      Dec 31, 2018Cardiacs Daisy Headphones David Edwards
      Dec 31, 2018Iain’s Cardiacs Coinage Iain Houston
      Dec 31, 2018Matilda’s Cardiacs Pond Pebbles Matilda
      Dec 31, 2018Pod, My My Look My Pod Rita Kárpáti
      Dec 25, 2018Cardiacs Christmas T-Shirt Joe Presley
      Nov 30, 2018Stephen Payne’s Dr Tim Video Stephen Payne
      Nov 29, 2018Why I Love Them Cardiacs Video Martin Keary
      Oct 29, 2018Tim Smith – Doctor of Music! Braysford Greg
      Oct 25, 2018Cardiacs Video Interview 1990 Emanuele Sterbini
      Oct 25, 2018Karla Swindells’ Cardiacs Pumpkin Karla Swindells
      Sep 28, 2018Tim Smith Suit Pancake Image Eric Kearns
      Sep 28, 2018Miscellaneous Cardiacs Gig Tickets Paul Putner
      Sep 20, 2018Fairytales from the Rotten Shed Film Showing Michael Chapman
      Aug 30, 2018Tim Smith Love Him or Love Him James Pavitt
      Aug 30, 2018Cardiacs Astoria Gig Tickets James Butler
      Aug 30, 2018Lucy Dawson’s Tiny Things for Tim Lucy Dawson