lethal bob cardiac

One day in the spring of 2007, our friend and Mare’s Nest Forum member Steve Adams got himself a digital camera, and began posting a series of small ‘Steve Adams News reports’ on YouTube.

While promising, his early efforts provoked little notice and only once slightly inconvenienced a flock of sheep outside Royston.

A few weeks later though, in Steve’s own words:

So there i was at Schiphol airport waiting to come back to the UK after posing for Spencer Tunick and this very friendly man who looked familiar, who was wearing a hat came up to me, “Did you know, that you are wearing my groups t shirt, and im the drummer, and you have great taste, in music.” or words similar to this, i realised who he was and asked if i could interview him, and he agreed, because…

Steve Adams TV news gets to the bottom of the questions you want answers too…

And Cardiacs fans all cheered, for he had given grinful expression to the very question that shamefully burned in all of our bosoms. The affable Bob Leith for his part, had vouchsafed us a small measure of hope with his affirmative (though cryptic) replies.

But as a moth that excitedly flies too close to the flame, so did Steve later reap the bitter consequences of his journalistic flight, in the form of this rare personal reprimand from the Concern:

The Alphabet’s Business Concern reply:

To Whom It May Concern:

Is this how YOU glean your perceived truths?

Collaring a faithful ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN employee at ‘his lowest ebb’.

THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN has always maintained that the ‘pinch of salt’ required as a tonic to Bob Leith’s tall stories is more like a handful.

A large salty handful.

Did YOU get what YOU wanted? Clearly you have shown little respect for the fragility of this drummer boy and his loyal band mates.

Perhaps you didn’t think your actions through.

Bob Leith is convinced he is going to be on ‘The News’.

Since, what those at Apollo 8 (Mary, Tim, Jim, Kavus, Marc etc.) are calling, “The Airport Incident”, Bob Leith has isolated himself in the ‘broadcasts room’ watching the creation of the universe on a ‘television set’ asking; “Am I going to be on this yet?”

When he must leave, largely to do his filthy business, he is never seen without sunglasses (which he calls his ‘shades’).

Typically this has halted all recording work, and once again this is YOUR fault.

While Cardiacs can, this time, duck out of responsibility for the current impasse, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN will once again have to punish them.

The Alphabet Business Concern