cardiacs ring tones

Kindly donated to the museum by Jon Wicks who says things like “Ahh… Right… This is an m4 ringtone IE Apple. If you have an iphone you just use itunes to open the file then sync your phone.

Android users; you’re on your own. I don’t know how to convert it. This seems to be the best way to share my Alphabet Business Tones. Apologies for annoying anyone. Download the Cardiacs m4 ringtones here.

While we’re at it, we popped over to busy pondster Noel Storey’s place to play knock and nash and ended up blaging his fancy Cardiacs doorbell chime.wav.

Are you a middle-aged overweight person with a daisy t-shirt but little use for digital sound effects? Or if neither of those worked on your devices, join the rest of us and take a look at how Noel keeps himself busy with Mrs Muddybottom on YouTube.