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Cardiacs in the X-Files

Series 7 Episode 22

Batesy, a member of our forum e-mailed Dean Haglund and asked him if he’s a Cardiacs fan.
This was his reply:

Hey Andy

That is a sharp eye you have… I was indeed, wearing a Cardiacs shirt. I knew a couple of their songs and then I sort of lost their thread till the Wardrobe guy on the set got some of their shirts for me to wear. I think that Fox had a pretty in-depth legal dept. and they got the rights…
In fact, the wearing of the shirt was supposed to come with some CD’s and swag from the band, none of which ever materialized. Which is sort of what I expect from any band that never followed a traditional path.

I never got to keep the shirt and I never did ultimately get my own… Alas.

Dean Haglund