Present Cardiacs Line-up:

Tim Smith – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jim Smith – bass, backing vocals
Kavus Torabi – guitar, backing vocals
Bob Leith – drums, backing vocals

Members Past and Present :

  • Ralph Cade aka Raphel Cadd – saxophone?(1978-1979)
  • Mark Cawthra aka Little Bobby Shattocks (1979-?)
  • William D. Drake – keyboards(1983-1990)(after Bill left it was decided not to replace him and at all subsequent gigs the keyboard parts have been pre-recorded)
  • Sharron Fortnam (née Saddington) vocals (appears whenever “Will Bleed Amen” is performed)
  • Christian Hayes aka Bic – guitar, vocals(1989-1990)
  • Marguerite Johnson – saxophone (left 1983)
  • Dominic Luckman – drums (1983-1994)
  • Colvin Mayers aka Max Cat (1978-?)
  • Jon Poole – guitar, keyboards, vocals (1991-2004)
  • Bob Leith – drums (1994-present)
  • Michael Pugh aka Peter Boker – vocals (1977-?)
  • Tim Quy – percussion (1980-1990) (who is not dead, despite the ominous dedication at the end of the Mare’s Nest video – “Dedicated to Tim Quy, who left our world 30/6/90”. This was simply the date of his last show with Cardiacs, not his last day on earth. Tim Quy is alive and well.)
  • Graham Simmonds – guitar (left 1983)
  • Tim Smith aka Philip Pilf – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards (1977-present)
  • Jim Smith aka Patty Pilf – bass, vocals (1977-present)
  • Sarah Smith (née Sarah Cutts, now Sarah Jones) – saxophone (1980-1989)
  • Peter Tagg aka Mr Richard Targett – drums (1977-1979)
  • Kavus Torabi – guitar, vocals (2003-present)