cardiacs shop open

From the official Cardiacs Website:

As we all know, Tim Smith managed to get himself into some serious trouble a while ago and hasn’t quite managed to get himself out of it. That appeared to be the sad demise of the Alphabet Business Concern and everything else therein. Now, however, there is a new plan: to move forward, to progress, to get things done…

So, I am charged with the task of re-launching the shop and I am happy to be performing my duty.

It may seem, upon first glance, that some of your favourite things are not on sale yet but do try to be patient with this and the arrival of your orders! Things are on order. Things will be presented for your purchasing pleasure as and when they arrive at headquarters. New things are going to be made to keep you all happy. And, of course, to keep him happy. That is why we are all here.

With fond regards,


There now follows an announcement from THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN

(The ABC wishes it to be known that Mary has been relegated to a seedy garage to perform her duties as ordinary shop girl. This is in response to her recent, flagrant allegiance to Mr. Tim Smith. Pictures to follow.)

Tim continues to have health problems but recently a London-based consultant who specializes in working with musicians has begun working with him in an effort to restore greater freedom and movement.