my pod by tim smith of cardiacs

Here comes the all-revealing visual material for the premiére of Dr Tim’s super-secret composition from ’83 “Pod, My My Look My Pod” at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Tivoli Vredenburg from last September.

The piece was found in Tim’s collection of old sheet music, beautifully notated on paper, re-discovered and re-animated by our Jos Zwaanenburg in 2016. This full-length film includes the gorgeous Coda that is a slowed-down, distilled version of the previous fast and furious section.

In the YouTube video description, Rita Kárpáti declares that it is “A piece composed by Dr Tim Smith of Cardiacs a.d. 1983, as performed by his loyal fans Barmy FiveSeveN at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Tivoli Vredenburg, 8th of September 2018. Retrieved as a piece of sheet music from a cardboard box, transcribed and arranged by Jos Zwaanenburg. Recorded and mixed by Nils Feenstra. Video by Peter Marcus & Gregory A. Kiss”.