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  • The duties of Museum Curator were first performed by founder Maarten in Holland and more recently by Martin in Brighton. Please comment or email to attach your name to any of the exhibits you contributed in the archive list below. If your exhibit didn't get published, it's most likely because an image wasn't attached, try again. Thanks, The Curator.

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    1. Dec 1, 2023Sing to Tim (Sold Out)
      Oct 25, 2023Your Cardiacs ‘Little Man’ Special Edition Vinyl Casebound Books
      Feb 2, 2023RIP Little Soldier Tim Quy
      Dec 17, 2020Secret Bull & Gate Concerts Watch Party
      Aug 3, 2020Cover of Dive by Joey & Adam of Kyros
      Jul 27, 2020Tim passed away suddenly last night – from Jim Smith
      Feb 28, 2019Obey Cardiacs Coke Logo
      Jan 31, 2019Cardiacs Salisbury Benefit Gig 2019
      Nov 30, 2018Winter Wonderland Cardiacs Benefit Gig
      Mar 29, 2018Cardiacs Music Now Available at BandCamp
      Mar 1, 2018Archive Cardiacs Available on CD and Vinyl
      Feb 2, 2018Tim Smith News on Radio 2
      Feb 2, 2018Tim Smith’s Crowdfunding and Jon Poole’s Nob
      Sep 30, 2017Heaven Born and Ever Bright – Now Available
      Mar 31, 2017Alphabet Business Convention 2017
      Dec 8, 2016Cardiacs Treat Box – Now Available!
      Dec 13, 2014New Cardiacs Stuff For Sale
      Aug 15, 2014Knifeworld YouTube Clips
      Aug 13, 2014The Seaside Demo Tape
      Aug 13, 2014Cardiacs Promo Video ‘The Gift’
      Aug 12, 2014A Little Man and 101 Cardiacs Gigs
      Aug 12, 2014Peter and his dog by Tim Smith
      Aug 12, 2014Cardiac Arrest Flyer
      Aug 12, 2014Tim Smith in The Sun
      Aug 12, 2014Jon Poole Interview 2009
      Aug 12, 2014Kavus Torabi Interview 2009
      Aug 12, 2014Spratley’s Japs Master Tape
      Aug 12, 2014Cardiacs in Vicar of Dibley
      Aug 12, 2014Organ’s Cardiacs Anthology
      Aug 12, 2014Sunday Sport Cardiacs Article
      Aug 12, 2014Napalm Death with Cardiacs T-shirt
      Aug 12, 2014Odd Even Music Score
      Aug 11, 2014Dave Jackson’s Moving Tribute
      Aug 10, 2014Cardiacs Christmas Cards
      Aug 10, 2014Tim Smith and his Guitar
      Aug 10, 2014Jim Smith and his Guitar
      Aug 10, 2014The Mop’s Cardiacs Cartoon
      Aug 10, 2014Cardiacs Live LP
      Aug 10, 2014Rude Bootleg CD signed by Tim
      Aug 10, 2014Odd Even CDs signed by Tim
      Aug 10, 2014Astoria 16th November 2007
      Aug 10, 2014Nottingham Rescue Rooms Nov 2007