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    1. Nov 29, 2018Why I Love Them Cardiacs Video Martin Keary
      Oct 29, 2018Tim Smith – Doctor of Music! Braysford Greg
      Oct 25, 2018Cardiacs Video Interview 1990 Emanuele Sterbini
      Oct 25, 2018Karla Swindells’ Cardiacs Pumpkin Karla Swindells
      Sep 28, 2018Tim Smith Suit Pancake Image Eric Kearns
      Sep 28, 2018Miscellaneous Cardiacs Gig Tickets Paul Putner
      Sep 20, 2018Fairytales from the Rotten Shed Film Showing Michael Chapman
      Aug 30, 2018Tim Smith Love Him or Love Him James Pavitt
      Aug 30, 2018Cardiacs Astoria Gig Tickets James Butler
      Aug 30, 2018Lucy Dawson’s Tiny Things for Tim Lucy Dawson
      Aug 3, 2018A Christmas Gig for Africa Poster Mike Symes
      Aug 3, 2018The Whole World Window Festival 2018 Braysford Greg
      Jul 1, 2018Mike Patton Loving Them Cardiacs Andrew Duffy
      Jun 28, 2018Cardiacs Advert in the Organ James Butler
      Jun 28, 2018Cardiacs Seaside Treats VHS Video Michael Chivers‎
      Jun 27, 2018Cardiacs Family Tree VHS Insert James Butler
      Jun 24, 2018Organ’s Christmas Party Flyer James Butler
      Jun 20, 2018Tarred and Feathered Transcription Wladislaw Leszczewski
      May 31, 2018Happy Jim Smith Cardiacs T-shirt Paul Ashby
      May 31, 2018Katy’s Cardiacs Daisies Katy Dowd
      May 31, 2018Paul’s I Am I It Cardiacs Badge Paul Ashby
      May 10, 2018Salisbury Extravaganza! A Spring Symposium Emily Jones
      Apr 26, 2018Tim’s Autograph Tune For Jason Ra Bob
      Apr 25, 2018Too Many Irons Cover Version Adam Mannering
      Apr 24, 2018Lucy Dawson’s Cardiacs Rocks! Lucy Dawson
      Mar 30, 2018(Piano on a) Big Ship Cover Version Charlie Mounsey
      Mar 2, 2018Cardiacs Skimpy Pants W 'ouch' Thorne
      Mar 2, 2018Tim Smith Benefit Postcard Lucy Dawson
      Mar 2, 2018Sterbus’ Cardiacs Donation Cartoon Emanuele Sterbini
      Jan 2, 2018Cardiacs Press Book David Mothman Harness
      Dec 24, 2017Cardiacs Card and Letter Paul Putner
      Nov 30, 2017Cardiacs Ringtones & Door Chime Jon Wicks
      Oct 30, 2017Cardiacs Car Decal Dave Savage
      Oct 30, 2017Uni of London Ticket 1999 Drew Gardner
      Oct 1, 2017Cardiacs Sheet Music Scores Adrian Beckwith
      Sep 15, 2017Tim Smith’s Tiny Guitar Kathryn Perkins
      Sep 1, 2017Adidas’s Cardiacs Logo Noel Storey
      Aug 2, 2017Christian ‘Bic’ Hayes Revelations Rob Robinson
      Aug 1, 2017Cardiacs Odd Even Tour Setlist Rob Robinson
      Jul 1, 2017Tim Smith Tribute EP Sketch Kathryn Perkins
      Jun 2, 2017Cardiacs ‘Dead Body’ Autographs Rob Robinson
      Jun 2, 2017Unofficial Cardiacs Disco T-shirt David Sheridon