doctor tim smith of cariacs

It’s true that long-ago one very special boy became our chosen music doctor. Since then his prescription of mind-altering wordsmithery and therapeutic tunage has saved many a lost soul from the depths of despair! However, now it is official…

Tim Smith has received an honorary doctorate for his services to music and mankind (albeit a motley collection of boys and girls that nobody in their right mind would wish to be followed by).

In this video, his, and OUR, long-suffering brother Jim donned some proper glad-rags to collect Tim’s award from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Then well-behaved Jim (for it is him) went ahead and told a cheeky tale of how the two young boys antics in a shared bed was the cataclysm that produced their unexpected offspring – Cardiacs.

So, from all of us, Thank you to Timmy and all those you have roped into your crazy schemes and for bringing so many people so much joy over the years. We love you and always will.

See the full high-quality version starting around the 38 minutes mark: