You’re never in, I called again, I’ve been around twice today
No friend of mine, no enemy, so who exactly are you
when you’re nearer me now and then but
never before did it seem so far away and hostile to me
The nerve is bare the sense is real Theres places and houses, spires inspire
To find the time to find the time, times are fine
The nurses find me in again Oh now simpering nurses whispering verses
Spoiling out vacant ever changing pointless situation
To stay here, or even to play here
Rather than be kept in on my own We only know what goes to show what to do and ask me why
Oh we’re in again, and we’re all the same
Turning around it seems so strange now
Don’t mind the unbalanced mind
It’s mine and mine is yours to share with me
(and me is clean and…) Oh now simpering nurses whispering verses
Hold me away from you I’ll stay but I don’t really think so…
I don’t think I care
Close me slowly round and round and we’ll see
Ah well another day.