Going around all the shops always closing
Never time to persue my interests
Will I ever find the time for a quick taste of the high life?
I’m so perplexed though it doesn’t really seem
To affect the high and mighty
And I can’t see you ever turning up trumps into my life
See me coming up and coming whoops-a-daisy
One…two…Nothing counts in his c-complex world
Lights are in the making, Never see them changing
Always stay the same for me (later)
Out in the air, on the top in the open
Conversation is to be expected
And I can’t form the words so I just maintain my silence My breathing space is limited
The people always walking round my hallway on the stairs below
Always seem to end up on the road before me
Things they really seem to bore me Driven around all the shops always closing
And it appears that I’ve been mended
And I can’t see me ever turning up trumps into your life