cardiacs benefit gig

Emily Jones sez… “Right, you pretty people, this is a last ditch attempt to tempt you to buy some tickets to this Saturday’s Salisbury extravaganza, in aid of that sulky child Tim.

And yes, we have got tickets…

In the text below are just a few of the things that should have you frothing at the mouth to attend (purely metaphorically, and not in any mysterious poisoning kind of way), presented in numbered form, for your convenience:

1. The finale will be a mixed bag of the finest Fortnams and Larcombes, led by Sharron, performing songs by Sea Nymphs, Shrubbies, Lake of Puppies and NSRO.

2. You can see the rest of the cast on the poster (now containing added Muddy Suzuki :-) ) – what a satisfying line up!

3. During the intermission there will be a selection of rare and common videos, including some never before seen footage, chosen and shown by Nick Elborough (who was one half of the team behind the filming of Seaside Treats) on a big screen.

3.5 There may also be other surprises.

4. There will be award winning ale and cider from local producers, a cafe with a terrace overlooking the stunning Chalke Valley, and a food van selling Italian street food in the evening.

5. There is a proper old-fashioned stage with RED VELVET CURTAINS (this is my favourite thing about it all).

6. For those of you who are shilly-shallying because they’re worried about logistics, or somewhere to stay, there is a campsite just up the road, B&Bs dotted around the area, and there will be a scruffy bit of paper on the door for people who wish to share taxis back to Salisbury to leave their details and hook up with each other. It’s around five miles outside Salisbury, and there are buses during the day.

7. Children are welcome, and may attend free. Just don’t let them drink all the booze – 4 pints (or 6 glasses of wine) maximum for under 5s, please…this is a responsibly run event.

Any questions? Eh?”