Tim Smith 2018 Cardiacs Museum

Those who’s loyalty demands that they keep an eye on the official website for news about them Cardiacs may have missed the somewhat hidden recent health statement about Tim Smith and news about an opportunity to help fund forthcoming healthcare costs.

That’s right throughout January the Just Giving fund raising project has been eagerly watched by the social media kiddies over at the Facebook Cardiacs page and the Tim Smith page where Cardiacs fans around the world have managed to raise almost all of the £100,000 target.

Pond dwellers can find out more about the fund and donate at the Tim Smith crowdfunding page or read a recent write-up at Inews.co.uk. Kavus was on the Stuart Marconi show recently discussing how many people believe Tim could come back from all of this with the proper care and the project even generated coverage outside the music press – hear a quick mention of it via BBC Radio 2 News in the museum.

Donations are still coming in and sources close to Tim and Jim have been keeping Facebook users updated, a recent message from Sharon states: “Hello. Sharron here on Tim’s Facebook page telling you that Tim is out of hospital now. He still requires close monitoring to ensure he doesn’t stray again but this is in place. Thank you for your ridiculously generous response to the Just Giving campaign. It’s been a bit emotional, hasn’t it? Please keep our leader in your hearts. We all know you will. With respect….x”

Meanwhile, for those who are not aware of the benefits of donating your limited time to hang with the crazy kids on Facebook, be aware that you might be missing out on important, life changing events that pull together many like-minded social outsiders just like yourself. That’s right unless you are already a member, please join friends and family at the “I’ve seen Jon Poole’s nob.” Facebook group.