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  • The duties of Museum Curator were first performed by founder Maarten in Holland and more recently by Martin in Brighton. Please comment or email to attach your name to any of the exhibits you contributed in the archive list below. If your exhibit didn't get published, its most likely because an image wasn't attached, try again. Thanks, The Curator.

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    1. Aug 8, 2014Susannah’s Still Alive 12″
      Aug 8, 2014Baby Heart Dirt 12″
      Aug 8, 2014Day is Gone 12″
      Aug 8, 2014Ditzy Scene CDs
      Aug 8, 2014Signs CDs
      Aug 8, 2014Day is Gone CDs
      Aug 8, 2014Bellyeye CDs
      Aug 8, 2014Manhoo CDs
      Aug 8, 2014A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window CD
      Aug 8, 2014All that Glitters is a Mares Nest CD
      Aug 8, 2014Archive Cardiacs CD
      Aug 8, 2014Cardiac Arrest Photo 1979
      Aug 8, 2014Cardiacs Live at the ‘Paradiso’ CD
      Aug 8, 2014Heaven Born and Ever Bright CD
      Aug 8, 2014On Land and in the Sea CD
      Aug 8, 2014Rude Bootleg CD
      Aug 8, 2014Cardiacs Sampler CD
      Aug 8, 2014Sing to God CD
      Aug 8, 2014Songs for Ships and Irons CD
      Aug 8, 2014The Seaside CD
      Aug 8, 2014Guns CD
      Aug 8, 2014Greatest Hits CD
      Aug 8, 2014Garage Concerts Vol 1 CD
      Aug 8, 2014Garage Concerts Vol 2 CD
      Aug 8, 2014Cardiacs meet Camp Blackfoot CD
      Aug 8, 2014The Sea Nymphs CD
      Aug 8, 2014Tim Smith’s Extra Special Ocean Land World CD
      Aug 8, 2014Songs by Cardiacs and Affectionate Friends CD
      Aug 5, 2014William D Drake’s Biography
      Aug 4, 2014God Damn Whores YouTube Clips
      Aug 4, 2014Levitation YouTube Clips
      Aug 4, 2014Dark Star YouTube Clips
      Aug 4, 2014William D Drake YouTube Videos
      Aug 4, 2014The Sea Nymphs Youtube Clips
      Aug 4, 2014William D Drake’s Discography
      Aug 3, 2014Yousletter 28
      Aug 2, 2014Ditzy Scene Lyrics
      Aug 2, 2014Jibber And Twitch Lyrics
      Aug 2, 2014Gina Lollabridgida Lyrics
      Aug 2, 2014Hello Mr Sparrow Lyrics
      Aug 2, 2014It’s A Lovely Day Lyrics
      Aug 2, 2014Wooden Fish On Wheels Lyrics