Mikrokosmos : In the Heart of the Home
Produced by Tim Smith
1. Me-Oh-My
2. Autumns Wheel
3. Bone for a Dog< 4. Where Now Earthman 5. Interlude 6. A Wish is just A Wish 7. The Cloud Bed 8. Digging a Hole 9. Heart of the Home 10. The Bomb Circle 11. Hide in the Home 12. Gilding the Lily 13. Calling down the Moon 14. Hold like Mother's Hand 15. Rest be Forever Ignatia Recordings Reference IRCD 001

Released 2007

Written and recorded by Mikrokosmos on eight-track in the black winter of 1994-1995 at The Corridor, Shepherds Bush, West London, England.

Mixed by Tim Smith and Mikrokosmos at Apllo 8, Surrey, autumn 1997.

Mastered by Dallas Simpson at Dallas Masters winter 2006. From the booklet: ‘These songs have had a troubled existence. Believed lost for good after The Corridor was all but destroyed by a flood in the autumn of 1995 the tapes were thought to have been thrown into a skip in the hurried clean up operation.

It wasn’t until the summer of 1997 that they surfaced, returned anonymously by post to the studio. Some of the reels were water damaged others arrived crupled and unwound. After much painstaking restoration the songs were salvaged, transferred and mixed in the autumn of 1997.

The masters were then put away and forgottenfor another nine years. The cd comes with a certificate of authenticity, limited to 500 copies and signed by Mr. Hayes.