bio_mikro_stars_bMikrokosmos : The Seven Stars

Horsy Said
Little Black Wood
The Whirring Ions
Worm Of Worry
Mr. Golds
The Seven Stars
Winters Wheel
Ions Reprise
Steven In The Night
Damn The Years
Drink With God
There’s Nothing Wrong (The Seven Stars Coda)

Label Ignatia Recordings
Reference IRCD 002
Release 2008
Country UK

This is the second instalment of what promises to be a mikrokosmos trilogy. The unique sound of mikrokosmos once again exploring the darker recesses of the psyche, with the addition of the ethereal voice of Jo Spratley, formerly of Spratley’s Japs.

Mikrokosmos : the lost studio project of Christian Hayes a.k.a. Bic Hayes, lead singer and guitarist with Dark Star, former guitarist with Levitation and Cardiacs. In The Heart Of The Home is an unsettling journey through the psyche of its creator; the inner cosmos where beauty and wonder; the magical, live side by side with fear, paranoia and isolation. A kaleidoscopic adventure, illuminating in its dark melancholy.